I use this and what I consider the most important tools for my songs and interview documents. So this is a Sony digital recorder. Not the variant. You can attack eBay, do a search online. So you probably need something to list your music digitally. There are several methods to do this. There are High End Speakers out there that you can try. But I only use this simple little recorder.

Use Audio Encounter

AudioSo you probably need something to record your audio encounter. Most likely, you will also need a wonderful old cell phone. I’ve probably had this thing for fifteen years, and I tell you you want to inspect the phone you have every time you record because I had a problem with this phone, it gave me a fantastic crash, and I didn’t know what it was.

Use Wired Phone

AudioIf you want to use a wired phone, you don’t need a cordless phone or a cell phone. I bought a wired phone at Radio Shack, one of the newest, I bought one at Wal-Mart, and I analyzed the sound quality of these phones, and it was completely different from what I use. I am in a very small office for a day or two, and the main phone I use is usually at home, so I called my home phone and brought it to the office because it has a different sound than my office phone. So look for a phone. If you take old phones, old phones sometimes get a little better, but for sure, you can find some old wired phones, if you don’t have a wired phone, on Craig’s List or eBay play and analyze it.

You probably want an electronic recorder. With it, you can record every page of the dialogue, and this costs about twenty dollars. And you will probably see exactly what I use to discover the recordings on the other side, so you can list them later.


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