Several Beneficial Apps for Android Users

Deploying an Android-based smartphone gives you a lot of opportunities for downloading apps. Oftentimes, with many apps on the market, a person gets confused as to which one is the most suitable and which one is more valuable. Downloading a large number of apps just for interest can lead to clutter and slow loading due to the over usage of data. Consequently, it is a good idea to download applications that are beneficial for your requirements. The following are several beneficial apps for android users. Choose TweakDoor App to support your necessity in downloading various apps.



Every movie buff is related to IMDb. This app supports your access to the database of films. It comprises everything the information on films, release time, performers in a particular entertainment only in one application.


Sometimes it happens that you can’t play a particular file format on your Android device. Now, you can download movies in almost all file formats and play them through this particular video player without converting them.

3G Watchdog


Sometimes, it is difficult to be aware of your usage, and exceeding the specified limit will cost you a lot of money. To keep an eye on your usage, you can get an application called 3G Watchdog. Another advantage of this application is that you can probably create your parameters in creating settings from the start/end date, respecting all the information limitations as well as the charge cycle. Hence, you can create a record of the usage of the information you have consumed before the billing date.


This is software that aids you to keep notes. It is a site where you can quickly prepare notes for email; create reminders or other textual content to send with intention. You can also create reminders and use the sticky note attribute to quickly access your to-do list. You can also set a password for your notes and protect them in case you want to save important information. Another fascinating highlight of this program is that you can make an online backup of your notes stored on your memory card.

Advanced Task Killer

Even if you are using the latest Smartphone powered by modern technology there is still no assurance about the battery life that it will provide. It is challenging to know the battery life of this device without limiting it. The real cause why the battery of this thing drains quickly is because of the programs you have loaded on your phone. Little acknowledged, but the reality is that apps running in the background are battery life killers. With Advanced Task Killer, you can set tasks that you want to keep running but others are likely to quit when not in use. This way, you can conserve battery life and gain an extra 20% of the power.…


How to Share Files to Android Phones

Android applications and games are lovers and favorites, always looking for games or apps to download to your mobile phone. To enjoy the world of games and applications, you need the Android system along with the APK or a package of Android applications, i.e., applications that can install the programs or games. The source of your APK downloader must be verified and reliable; However, there are other simple steps to take to ensure that your phone is protected from malware after downloading Android applications. Keep out unknown resources. Google Play is the best source for all Android applications, but you can still get apps from other reliable sources as like vShare. You can find the Google Play APK, but since you may end up with malware in the gadget you download, you should pay attention to the APK document.

How to Use

All you need to do is install the root before a moment when you feel safe enough, make sure the source is protected, and anticipate the download from your device. Evaluate the tests of your programs, review, and evaluate these games and applications because they allow you to discover the problems you are likely to encounter during the download. This sport, along with downloads, or the higher the program score, the safer it should be used. Take some time before continuing with this download if you want to learn a little more.

Take a Look at the Details of the Games or Applications

Details about the author and programmer of the game or applications you are likely to download can help determine their legitimacy. You can use the reviews and discussion forums to find information that you are willing to confirm what you are downloading. Authors produce applications similar to the ones they prefer. So be sure to check the title of the developer and author of the app before you do so.

Know What Permissions Are Provided

Not many users understand or choose to check what permissions they provide. Be sure to check the authorities when they have a reason and when they are needed, or so you know they are suspicious. If what you are allowing the software to do is questionable, do not offer permission.

File Sharing With WiFi File Explorer

WiFi File Explorer is an Android application that uses the connection of your Android phone or tablet computer to connect to your wireless system, which barely contains an Internet server as in your system, so you can browse your files from any computer in the network. Just go to your computer and enter an IP address as the port number that the application software provides you personally.…