iPhone and iPad

Useful Apps for Apple Devices

Apple is one of the top companies in technology, and both of their products, the iPhone and iPad, have widely used worldwide. It is also important to note that both iPad and iPhone apps have a lot to offer people. 

If reviewing the apps of both Apple products, you will see that most of them allow adults to manage their work and personal lives to be more efficient. Besides, they also let the users stream and watch movies online and offer various learning and entertainment options for children. The App Store has made them more attractive to people of all ages. However, these three paid apps that you might be able to get them free via TweakDoor have made the users’ life easier with the iPads and iPhones at their hands. 

Combat Mission Touch

This app is the iPad version of Combat Mission, a popular PC game. The game is about the American and German troops in the invasion of Normandy in June 1944. Combat Mission Touch is available as a solo game or with friends through Game Center. WEGO is the main feature of this application. After planning their moves, players can watch the battle from a comfortable seat. The app is quite large, reaching 377MB, so it may take a while to download. Combat Mission Touch works fine with iPad with iOS 5.0 at minimum, although it charges you up to $4.99.


apple devicesThis app is an easy-to-use hierarchical style note. As its name, the app allows users to organize their thoughts into folders. In this case, the Apple users can then sort them by priority, date, duration, and audio. Drag and drop features make it easy to move these notes from one project to another. Additionally, those notes can be sorted into 20 different types, making them easy to identify. Hopefully, the developer will add the search feature in future updates. This app works fine on iPhone, iPad, and even iPod touch as long as it is on iOS 5.1 or later. However, you have to pay only $0.99 before installing it on your Apple devices.

Simply Declare

Simply Declare app allows users to save details of purchases they have made during their travels. It deducts all new purchases from their spending limit if they have set one. It converts the home currency price to the purchase currency price and updates currencies in real-time. For future reference, users can take a picture of their bills. The application can also be used for customs declaration and as a budgeting application. It allows users to track a single trip at a time. Simply Declare app works fine with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 4.2 or later and costs only $1.99

Hundreds of thousands of apps are already in the App Store, thanks to Apple’s extensive efforts to encourage developers to create apps for the platform. This number is growing every day at an incredible rate. However, these apps can help you choose the right app for your smartphone. They have been on several top app lists, so they are a great place to start.