Best Online Board Games Apps to Download

In the era before computer games, playing a board game was probably one of the best ways to kill a little. Summer holidays were incomplete without a game. Movies have replaced them, but people still have time to play some of their favorite activities at the table with family and friends. Now games like Carcassone can be played and download at with a touch screen device and are also suitable for multiplayer.

Play Elder Sign: Omens Game

easy to use

Omens is a superb digital copy of the original board game and could be produced by Fantasy Flight Games. The game board has been brilliantly designed. But the design looks a lot like a board game and has a very good structure. Omens is a dice game, so there is also an element of randomness, which determines whether your characters can solve a puzzle or fall in the middle of the game.

Dice play an important role in this game, so you get the amounts. Omens gameplay can be confusing for beginners, which is the main reason why there are mini-tutorials to help you. They are presented in the form of 2-minute videos that give a quick overview of each part of this board game. However, not all elements are explained in the tutorials. There are tons of twists and turns, many of which will make your head spin.

Try to Play Talisman Prologue

This game offers a fantastic experience for a single player. It follows the traditional talisman rules. There are many places to explore, and since it is an exploration-based game, there will be many surprises, creatures, and traps to discover. In the Talisman Prologue, you have to roll an electronic dice and draw cards to begin your experience. The game depends on the consistency of a 3D dice and skill cards, so don’t expect any strategy.

Introduce ten popular characters into the first board game. Each character has a specific skill, and in many situations, these skills become an excess loss or an automatic selection of the best match cards in a pile.
The board game’s digital version has a clear design: large buttons on the screen, a well-designed 3D controller, and a card game at the top of the screen.

Try to Download Arcane Quest: Ultimate Edition


In Ultimate Edition, you can choose a hero from 4 different personalities, and each character has a unique skill. There is a strategy called Arcane Quest that looks a bit like a turn-based game on a digital blackboard. The game is based on missions, and each task is completely different. Players have a set of cards and fight and die to overcome battles. The next standard board game will surely appeal to BG fans and RPG players.The game program supports more than two players, which makes multiplayer games very exciting.

I suggest playing online against human players because they could be better opponents than AI. At the highest level of difficulty, AI cannot approach individual competitions’ wisdom, especially against people who are too good. One person can quickly move penguins from one hexagon of ice to another. The digital board game could be very nice to play with an Android board computer. Artificial intelligence could have been a bit more difficult.

Play a Carcassonne Online Game

The digital adaptation of this impressive card set is remarkable and offers excellent playing value. Carcassonne for Android allows players to build their city by dragging and dropping tiles with streets, fields, rivers, and ponds on them. Once these tiles are laid, they can use knights, monks, and thieves to create things. The real strategy is based on placing tiles and characters, and whoever is smart enough to keep their placements in order is the winner.

The world of board games looks better every time you play in a new city. In the era before computer games, playing a board game was probably one of the best ways to kill a little. Summer holidays were incomplete without a game of Pictionary and Stratego. Now they have been replaced by movies, but people still have time to play.…


Strategic Games to Increase Your Brain Capacity

The brain is considered one of the biggest organs in the body. It does plenty of work that assists the functions of how we react to everything around us. It serves as a base for learning and memory, emotional response, and visualization. Research suggests that the capacity of the human brain is 1 million gigabytes or 2.5 petabytes. However, people believe that we only utilize 10 percent of our minds as opposed to 100 percent. There are various ways to access the remaining 90 percent and use the rest of the 100 percent brain capacity. It depends entirely on how much we work with our brains to keep mind sharp and improve our ability to think.

scrabble Improving our brainpower is one of the essential things that we can do to be better at everything that we do. It permits us to be quick learners, provides us with a better understanding of any subject, helps us figure out things quicker, makes us more efficient than other people, and increases our insight about many things. Because of mobile phones’ convenience, many mobile game applications are available to be downloaded to train our brains. Below are some strategic games that we can use on our mobile phones to improve our brain capacity.

Mobile Chess

chessMobile chess is available on Android to be downloaded by chess players. This game is played similarly to two players. With the mobile application, you can play against anybody online through the internet or even play against an AI with a certain difficulty level if you want to practice and improve on your skills.

Mobile Sudoku

Sudoku is a game played where players input numbers on a grid with numbers from one to nine, which is also subdivided to nine more square groups, set up so that the numbers are not repeated in each square, row, or column. One can download mobile Sudoku for free on Android and iOS.

Mobile Scrabble

Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players play for points by placing letters in a 15×15 square grid. The mobile version of the game can be played with AI or online with various players to test out your vocabulary and skills against players worldwide.


Many intelligent entrepreneurs enjoy playing board games that involve special concentration and critical thinking. It is not just playing games to have fun and assisting in our intellectual and mental aspects to improve our focus, in the long run, to easily understand more things and improve our ability to solve logical problems.…